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Welcome to Pokemon Strategy Wiki. Everybody will agree that Pokemon Games are the easiest games ever. There are just many ways you can play them. But to really shine in those games is quite hard. People manage to defeat the gym leaders in whatever way they can. Using cheats or training pokemons like crazy but there are simple tricks in which you can defeat them without any cheat or hard work. Just browse through the categories and you will get knowledge about every pokemon, pokemon types, abilities and much more.


Pokemons hold a very important position in Pokemon Games. Choosing the correct pokemon will help you a lot in the games. Some pokemons become better when they evolve and some worse. Just click on the links given below and see if you have the correct pokemons for the game.

Choosing Pokemon greatly involves the types of the Pokemon. If you want to choose a Pokemon, the main thing you should look at is it's type. The Pokemon's type also determines the majority of attacks learnt by it. Click on thePokedexlinks below to know about the types of different Pokemon.

Pokemons learn attacks as they level up. The better an attack, the more is it's usefulness. Click the link below and get to know about all the moves or attacks learnt by Pokemon in out AttackDex.

Pokemons also have certain abilities which give them certain advantages in competitive battles. Click the link below to know about all the Pokemon abilities in out AbilityDex.

The main quest in Pokemon games is to defeat the Gym leaders and the masters. They seem to be difficult to defeat but in fact they are very easy to defeat if you know how to defeat them by some Tricks. Click on the link below to know about it

  • Tips and Tricks (Note : These won't spoil your game as you aren't using any cheats)

And finally, for the people who are new to Pokemon and don't know anything about them can use our Pokedex Service to know about all the Pokemon that exists.

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